Oranges for Orange Juice

Social Studies
Oranges for Orange Juice
カテゴリ:Social Studies
Reading Level:D



  • orange(s)
  • juice
  • picked
  • loaded
  • hauled
  • inspected
  • packed
  • trucked
  • sold


  • for
  • are
  • and


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Oranges for Orange Juice Worksheets

出典:Oranges for Orange Juice Worksheets

Sight Word: are, for, and

Phonics: /or/, as in oranges and for

Vocabulary: orange, juice, truck, pick

Skill: Order the Pictures


 Farm to Table Activity & Coloring Sheet

出典: nourishinteractive.comFarm to Table Activity & Coloring Sheet


Passive Voice Simple Present Tense ESL Exercise Worksheet

出典 – Passive Voice Simple Present Tense ESL Exercise Worksheet



How do you think oranges get from the trees to the supermarket?


Someone picks the oranges from the trees.
Then they take the oranges to the supermarket.



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